We are hosting a networking event on May 9th, 2016 from 4:30pm to 7pm at SAIT, Aldred Centre and would be
delighted to have your participation.

The Van Horne Institute is leading a project called Linking Up. This project aims at creating awareness of supply chain
careers to Albertans, and promotes connections between individuals looking for work with supply chain companies and
professionals. This initiative is funded by Alberta Human Services.

The event will start with a short introduction on supply chain and career pathways, followed by a workshop on
networking and communication skills. After the workshop, job seekers will have the opportunity to network with you
and discuss supply chain opportunities. We will be informing the participants that companies will not be actively
recruiting, but interested in establishing connections for future needs.

What is expected of industry participants?
To be present from 6pm to 7pm and talk to the job seekers about supply chain, day-to-day tasks, and possible career
pathways. The main objective of the event is to support job seekers in expanding their professional network and
keeping a high morale in our difficult economic times.
We hope you can join us! If you cannot attend, it would be great if you can send some of your colleagues to the event.
Please RSVP by May 4th at http://www.linkingup.ca/networking-event/ under “Industry Members”.