We hope that you will be able to join us for a conversation on the City of Calgary’s Goods Movement Strategy.

Time: 7:30am to 9:00am

Where: Calgary Economic Development, Terrace View Room, 5th Floor Telus Convention Centre

Conference Line: 1-587-743-0439 passcode 4604020

Agendas and minutes are located here.

Please do invite your industry colleagues to participate and learn more about the City of Calgary Goods Movement Strategy.  The City has provided us with an overview of their topic and I encourage all of you to forward the outlook invitation to anyone that you think might be interested.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

“The City of Calgary (Transportation Planning) has recently initiated a project called Goods Movement Strategy (GMS). The GMS is a strategic plan that will provide a list of actions and investments to help guide future investments in infrastructure and support networks for efficient goods movement in Calgary.

The movement and transportation of goods is important to, and closely tied to, the development and economy of Calgary, Alberta and Canada. Calgary is well positioned as a hub to connect to local, national and international markets through the movement of goods into, out of and throughout Calgary. Calgary has industrial land that has been developed and land use planning in place for continued development of industrial land to support the movement of goods to market. The goal of GMS is to provide opportunities to keep the goods movement industries competitive in the global marketplace. The City will work with partners and stakeholders to develop the GMS in order to help goods movement industries prosper and attract new logistic investments.

Over the next 18 months the City will be working with key industry stakeholders, and Calgarians, to develop this Strategy. City recognizes CLC as a valued stakeholder so Madhuri Seera, Project Manager of GMS, along with her team would like to attend the CLC February meeting to introduce the project. The City team would also like to get your thoughts and request participation in the advisory groups for the project.

Message from the Project Team:

“We want to learn more about how our industry partners use our existing transportation network and how we could improve it to make the movement of goods in Calgary more efficient, regardless of what you’re moving. We encourage you, and members of the group you represent, to participate in the engagement opportunities that we will be hosting. We will be sharing project updates and notification of upcoming engagement opportunities with everyone who subscribes to our e-mail list. Details on how to subscribe will be shared at the CLC meeting on February 14.”