The Accelerator Project was a recently completed 12-month project established to create professional connections, gather labour market information and identify 10 key occupations that support the supply chain of the Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor, specifically in Alberta and British Columbia.

Accelerator Cover Page

Project Goals

To build an integrated and aligned Human Resources Supply Chain Strategy for Alberta and British Columbia which provides a model for further workforce-productivity improvements along the northern and inland corridors of the Asia Pacific Gateway.

To expand and solidify professional networks by sharing knowledge, tools, programs and services already developed by the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table, Calgary Logistics Council, Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council and other stakeholders.

To support Canada’s economic well-being, its competitiveness in global markets and the efficiency of the Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor.

To take the Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative to the next level.


The Accelerator Project has resulted in an HR Strategy Summary and an Full Report Document, both available for download from the Resources-Documents area of this website.

Career Pathways in Alberta

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