The Calgary Region is recognized as one of the most cost-effective places in Western North America to establish a business within the transportation and logistics industry. As an inland port, the Region is a transportation hub connecting to major cities across North America. The Region also offers the lowest cost and quickest delivery time to western Canada.

The Calgary Region Inland Port is a voluntary collaboration of diverse groups ranging from public and private to non-profit and educational organizations.

So where is the inland port?

Our Inland Port differs from many of the Inland Ports, even those located across Canada. In the Calgary Region, there are many facilities, many locations and many partners.

The Calgary Region has:

  • An international airport with freight moving infrastructure
  • Two inter modal facilities (CN and CP)
  • Major distribution centres, located throughout the Region, serving all of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest
  • Future industrial site at various development and  pre-development stages
  • Tens of thousands of “inland port” workers, shippers, truckers, etc.
  • An established “Calgary Region Foreign Trade Zone”, tied to the Calgary Region as a whole
  • Established partnerships with key research and educational organizations like The Van Horne Institute, Mount Royal University, University of Calgary and SAIT Polytechnic.
  • Innovative programs to develop workforce in the supply chain sector through training / mentoring / networking programs such as the Linked-In program, the Workforce Diversity initiative and the “Women in Supply Chain” network.
  • Coordinated trade missions and marketing efforts
  • A talent pool of transportation and logistics experts who both volunteer (at times) and are paid (at times) to work for many of our organizations and municipalities
  • Governance based on principles of collaboration and coordination